Our Story

Duomo (UK) Ltd was born in 1994 to meet the requirement for enhanced gas safety in boiler plant rooms and commercial kitchens. Duomo secured large contracts with major local authorities and this led into the more commercial market.

The word spread; the gas safety equipment led to different product sectors too. We started to sell carbon dioxide sensors and process burner controls, the latter as a result of our prior experience in industrial combustion and its control.

Duomo grew and needed more space, doubling its capacity within six years and then redoubling that again in 2014. The Duomo design, manufacturing and testing facility in Droitwich, Worcestershire has been conceived to bring new products onto the market as quickly as trends and standards change.

Duomo History

Our Vision

Safe, protected environments for everybody everywhere.

Our Mission


To conceive gas safety and control equipment which conforms with and exceeds the requirements of current, relevant standards.


To manufacture products which are easy to install and easy to use.


To provide honest sales advice and comprehensive technical support


To give after sales support to customers and end users on site.

We’ve recently celebrated our 26th anniversary here at Duomo. It only seems like yesterday that we formed Duomo and embarked on this journey.

These politically uncertain times have thrown up many challenges for companies within the sectors we inhabit. Our success is due to the efforts of our fantastic team here in Droitwich, the loyalty of our customers and our ability to diversify, adapt and evolve.

Gas Safety and Control remain our reasons to be. Moving into the next 25 years Duomo will embrace new technology and innovation. Duomo will continue to provide the most appropriate equipment, on time and the right price.

Thank you so much for your support.

Phillip Wild

Phillip Wild

Managing Director

Duomo (UK) Ltd

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