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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Monitors Explained

CO2 monitors

by | Sep 9, 2022

Difference between CO2 and CO

CO2MC - Carbon Dioxide, Temp & RH Monitor

Firstly, there is often confusion between Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitors.

Carbon Monoxide CO is a toxic gas and a result of combustion. Any home with a fuel-burning appliance or heater, open fireplace or attached garage should have a CO monitor.

CO2 monitors are commonly used to measure the naturally occurring levels of Carbon Dioxide in a given environment, some examples are in the Home, Schools or Offices.

Why do I need a CO2 monitor?

Poor air quality in a room can cause headaches, tiredness, drowsiness, and poor concentration. Modern buildings are often well insulated and airtight, without proper airflow ventilation this results in a build up of exhaled CO2.

More recently COVID-19 has increased the adoption of CO2 monitors dramatically as evidence suggests better ventilated indoor spaces lower airborne virus transmission.

Improving air flow and ventilation

What’s the answer? The simplest answer is open windows and doors but there are security implications and what if it’s cold outside? How will you know exactly when you need to increase air flow? This is where CO2 monitors come in. By measuring CO2 you can take control of indoor spaces and know when the levels are too high and increase ventilation only when required.

CO2 Monitor Features

Some common features of carbon dioxide monitors include.

  • Traffic light display to indicate air quality (Green, Amber, Red)
  • Temperature and Humidity measurement for in depth air quality overview.
  • Relay Outputs
  • Custom CO2 alarm levels
  • Digital reading display
  • Battery powered monitors
  • Bluetooth & App connectivity
  • Data storage and reporting

Which CO2 monitor do I need?

The Aranet4 is a popular CO2 monitor (shown below) but there is so much to consider to fully address which monitor is best suited. To see all CO2 monitors visit Carbon Dioxide Sensing and use the filters to discover the best monitor to suit your needs. Please Contact us If you would like to speak to one of our gas detection experts.

Good All Rounderaranet4 Home

The Aranet4 is a battery powered Bluetooth and App enabled monitor. Available in Aranet4 HOME and Aranet4 PRO (cloud version). To find out more about the differences between the models available check out our post Aranet4 HOME vs Aranet4 PRO, What’s The Difference? Wall mounted or portable battery powered CO2 monitoring. With traffic light e-ink display, App & Bluetooth connectivity.



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