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IGEM/UP/10 – Installation of flued gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises

This IGEM Standard covers the installation of a range of flued gas appliances including:
 hot water boilers
 steam boilers
 storage water heaters
 thermal fluid heaters
 warm air heaters
 radiant heaters.

IGEM/UP/16 – Design for Natural Gas installations on industrial and commercial premises with respect to hazardous area classification and preparation of risk assessments

This standard is intended to provide basic design information to enable designers and those undertaking risk assessments to achieve a gas installation that can be classified and maintained as Zone 2 Negligible Extent (Zone 2 NE). It is primarily for designers of new industrial and commercial pipework systems, downstream of the primary gas meter installation. It will also be useful for site occupiers who have the responsibility for compliance with DSEAR and for the production of site risk assessments for existing systems and new installations.

IGEM/UP/2 –  Installation pipework on industrial and commercial premises

This standard covers the safe installation of pipework on industrial and commercial premises.

This Standard applies to installation pipework and pipework downstream of any plant isolation valve that is not “appliance pipework”, on industrial and commercial premises. It deals with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of pipework designed to carry 2nd or 3rd family gas in the gaseous state with MOP not exceeding 60 bar. It considers pipework of steel, stainless steel including corrugated stainless steel tubing, copper and polyethylene.

Specifically it contains details of:
• Legislation and standards such as Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations
• Planning and design, along with material selection
• Jointing processes for multiple material types
• General principles for installing pipework
• Principles for installing buried pipework
• Entry into and exit from buildings
• Pipework in ducts, etc. in buildings
• Pipework in multi-storey and multiple-dwelling buildings
• Pipework support
• Flexible connections
• Manual valves
• Vents and breathers
• Compressors, boosters and pre-mix machines
• Procedures on completion of installation

BS6891 – Specification for the installation and maintenance of low pressure gas installation pipework of up to 35mm (R 1 1/4) on premises

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