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IGEM UP/11 Edition 3 – 2018 – Gas installations for educational establishments

An Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers Standard this Utilisation Procedure covers the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of gas pipework, systems and appliances used for teaching purposes in Educational establishments including schools; colleges; universities and training facilities. It applies to new construction and replacement of, or extension to, servicing, maintenance of existing installations. Standards are rarely retrospective but they can set a basis for consideration of performance upon which a risk assessment can be developed.

This Standard applies to:

piped gas supplied from gas distribution systems such as a NG distribution system or a LPG central bulk storage system

piped gas supplied through independent LPG supplies i.e. either a cylinder or an individual bulk storage vessel

portable LPG systems and appliances

portable temporary LPG heaters

This Standard applies to 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases, as defined in BS EN 437.

What doesn’t the standard cover?

gas installations in an individual domestic dwelling within an educational establishment. However, it does cover  installation of domestic gas appliances in an educational establishment – For example a domestic type cooker within a food technology room. – See BS6172.

piped supplies to or from oxygen or acetylene systems.

liquid fuel systems, appliances and flues however many of the risks associated with gas systems will also apply to liquid fuel systems and similar standards of safety need to be applied.

primary design requirements for water heating plant – see IGEM/UP/10.  However it does address automatic isolation valves (AIVs) and other safety features for educational establishments.

central catering installations for which reference to BS 6173 and UP/19 is necessary.

the installation and use of specialist test and demonstration apparatus.

training and assessment facilities for gas operatives.

Department for Education Building Bulletin 101

Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools.


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