BZR-REG-II – Pressure Regulator Zero Governor EN88/1

Industrial Combustion

The BZR-REG-II Pressure Regulator are designed to EN88/1 and are for use as proportional gas/air control valves on burners and mixers.

Part Ref: ES102

Product Details

  • ¾" to 2" Valve sizes
  • Body and valve seat (model 16, 20, 24): hardened and tempered G-AlSi 9
  • Max. operating pressure: 200 mbar
  • Max. pressure differential: 36 mbar
  • Max. operating temperature: 60°C
  • Max. turn-down range: 100:1
  • Accuracy: Low flow ± 0.25 mbar, full flow ± 0.76 mbar

The BZR-REG-II Pressure Regulator have been designed according to the EN88/1 Norm and are ideal for applications with burners, gas mixers and proportional mixers as they allow fuel flow regulation and maintain the fuel/combustion agent ratio stable throughout the whole regulation range.

The regulator is driven by a pressure signal that is proportional to the actual combustion air pressure and restores the same pressure value on the gas line. Version available that can be used with gas up to 100°C.



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