Coupled flanges

Industrial Combustion

Product Details

  • Threaded PFP flange sizes: from Rp 3/8” to Rp 2”
  • Welding PSP flange sizes: from DN65 to DN150
  • Max. pressure: 400 mbar
  • Max. temperature: 400°C
  • Threaded flanges: cast iron G25
  • Welding flanges: Fe 360
  • Gaskets: AFM-34/Xtreme Plus


The PFP and PSP series flanges were created to adapt to standard pipes with sizes ranging between DN10 and DN150, and guarantee tightness coupling also in case of frequent disassembly/reassembly. Each flange has a Rp1/8” (UNI EN 10226) threaded hole in which it is possible to mount a pressure tap allowing for quick and easy pressure check. The use of flanges makes the installation of auxiliary equipment easier and guarantees quick maintenance and replacement, without needing to make modifications on the pipeline.



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