DFL10 – Thermal Fusible Link for Gas shut off

Gas Detection

The Duomo DFL10 is a thermal fusible link. It breaks the electrical supply to Gas safety shut off valves when temperatures exceed 72 degrees Centigrade.

Product Details

  • 72 degrees centigrade fuse temperature
  • IP30 protective rating
  • 250V AC 10A maximum load
  • 20mm cable entry
  • Replaceable link (contact Duomo)

Usually mounted above boilers in plant rooms. This device cuts off the electrical supply to the Gas safety shut off valve (See Duomo VMR)  and isolates the fuel supply into the protected area should the temperature rise above 72 Degrees Centigrade.



Onsite Diagnostics

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Service Request

We recommend Duomo Gas Detection products are serviced at least annually to ensure efficacy and extend sensor life. Our qualified team of engineers are available Nationwide.

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