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Industrial Burners

The EXDF burners are dual “fuel nozzle mixing” burners with refractory blocks. The burners can be used on oil and gas. Ideally suited for high temperature applications such as kilns, forging, heat treatment, reheat, melters, incinerators, etc.

Product Details

  • Mixer body: cast iron G25
  • Plate: cast iron G25
  • Fuel lance - A1S1 304
  • Pre-heated air: up to 450°C
  • Oils up to a viscosity of 3°E
  • Oil operating capacity: 100 to 1,650 kW
  • Gas operating capacity: 90 to 1,450 kW
  • Gas and air pressure at burner: 70 mbar
  • Different types of gas: CH4 / LPG / Propane / etc.
  • Gas operating turndown range: 8:1
  • Oil operating turn-down range: 6:1
  • Excellent flame stability with excess air excess fuel on ratio firing
  • Low pressure air atomisation

The EXDF burners are dual “fuel nozzle mixing” burners with refractory blocks. They can burn all types of commercial non-corrosive gases or oils with maximum viscosity of 3 ° E. The fuel and the combustion air are mixed at the point of ignition within the refractory cone avoiding the danger of flash back. The characteristics of the refractory block are such as to allow excellent flame stability and remarkable flow ratio. All the burners of the EXDF series can operate with tight combustion fuel ratios or with excess air while maintaining a remarkable stability of the flame.



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