Cellair – Pub Cellar CO2 Alarm with Remote Display

Carbon Dioxide Wall Mounted Sensor Range

The Duomo Cellair is a Carbon Dioxide alarm unit for use in Pub Cellars. It monitors levels of Carbon Dioxide and when levels exceed alarm thresholds the alarm sounds and provides a 230V output to either an extractor fan or a gas isolating valve.

Plug and play unit can be setup within 5 minutes. Remote Display Unit included and up to 3 RDUs can be connected if required.

Product Details

  • Plug in installation - No installation costs!
  • NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensor
  • Measures up to 50,000ppm
  • Can handle up to 3 remote display units
  • Large LCD display indicates ambient
  • CO2 concentration and temperature
  • Relay output to automatically control
  • Audible and visual alarm indications
  • IP54 water proof protection

The Duomo CellAir has been developed to protect personnel from exposure to high levels of carbon dioxide. For use in locations such as breweries, during the drink manufacture stage or in bars, hotels, restaurants. In fact, anywhere that bottled Carbon Dioxide is used.

The CellAir has two parts, the detector and the remote display unit. There is no electrical installation required, the kit is completely ‘plug and play’. Even the connection to the remote display unit is achieved using plug and connections.

In an alarm condition the CellAir provides an electrical supply to for instance an extractor fan or a Carbon Dioxide gas isolation Valve. (N.O.).



Onsite Diagnostics

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