Estro B2 – Flame Controlling Device

Industrial Combustion

ESA Estro is a microprocessor-operated flame controlling device equipped with inputs and outputs for the ignition and control of industrial burners. Estro B2 is a device for two-stage burners (pilot and main gas valves). Remote control via electric and serial signals with powered output when the burner is on.

Product Details

  • Supply voltage: 115 or 230 V (+10 to -15%)
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to +80°C
  • Maximum relative humidity: 75%
  • Protection class (when wiring, use adequate connectors): IP54
  • Probe voltage: 300 VAC
  • Prepurge time: 0 - 255 s
  • First safety time: 1 - 25 s
  • Main burner stabilization time: 1 - 25 s
  • Reaction time: 1 - 20 s
  • Post-purge time: 0 - 255 s
  • Auto shutoff (can be inhibited): within 24 hours
  • Dimensions: 200 × 120 × 93 mm
  • Flame controlling device: rod or UV-2 phototube (ESA)

Product Description

The ESA ESTRO is a microprocessor operated device, designed to control gas and oil fired burners, which are discontinuously operated. This device warrants the safe operation of the combustion unit at one or two stages (pilot/main burners). It controls the air flow rate and allows the detection of flame presence through ionization (electrodes) or UV radiation (UV-scan). ESA ESTRO is equipped for serial communication, allowing a remote burner control and operation. Additionally, the thermal resistant case of ESA ESTRO allows its installation on burner proximity, provided that the environment temperature remains below 60°C.



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