FCR-REG – Flow control regulators Ratio 1.1

Industrial Combustion

ESA Pyronics FCR-REG Valve sizes are available from ¾" to 1½". The flow control regulators are double diaphragm spring balanced flow ratio control regulators.

They offer maximum control and fuel efficiency on gas-fired applications involving pre-heated air to the burners, or where burners fire against a varying back pressure.

Product Details

  • Valve sizes from ¾" to 1½"
  • Body and valve seat: cast iron G20
  • Valve seat: AISI 303 Valve stem: AISI 303
  • Diaphragms: nitrile rubber/nylon
  • Max. operating pressure: 140 mbar
  • Max. differential pressure: 36 mbar
  • Max. operating temperature: 65°C
  • Turn-down range: 10:1
  • Max. air signal: 36 mbar
  • Nominal air signal: 25 mbar Min. air signal: 0.25 mbar
  • Accuracy: Low flow: ± 0.0/-0.1 mbar, full flow: ± 0.0/-1.0 mbar

The ESA Pyronics FCR-REG monitors air mass flow by means of a pressure differential across a orifice flow meter. The signal from the POP is applied across the regulator large top diaphragm; pressure differential automatically compensates for back pressure.

Lower matching “gas” diaphragm is connected to suit the application. Three smaller diaphragms are used within regulator to balance out dynamic and static forces in control system.

The FCR holds a constant air/fuel ratio from cold start-up through hot air application. All control components are on the cold side of the system and are unaffected by high combustion air temperatures, minimizing cost and maintenance.



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