PCR – Gas / hot air pilot control regulators – ratio 1:2.5

Industrial Combustion

PCR Regulators are for use on hot air systems and are designed to provide a pilot impulse signal to gas/oil regulators.

PCR, pilot control regulators are oil or dual fuel regulators. The primary application of the PCR is to impulse an OAR - oil-air ratio regulator. The PCR may replace an FCR-PC regulator to control a BZR.

Product Details

  • Connections ¾
  • Max. operating pressure: 140 mbar
  • Max. differential pressure: 36 mbar
  • Max. operating temperature: 65°C
  • Turn-down range: 10:1
  • Max. air signal: 36 mbar
  • Nominal air signal: 25 mbar
  • Min. air signal: 0.25 mbar
  • Multiplying factor: 2.5
  • Accuracy: Low flow: ± 0.0/-0.12 mbar, full flow: ± 0.0/-0.50 mbar

The pressure to the OAR will be 2.5 times the pressure differential across the orifice meter. The 6 PCR upper diaphragm is connected across a POP orifice flow meter with the top of the upper diaphragm connected to the upstream side of the POP. The top of the lower diaphragm is normally vented to atmosphere. A static air pressure line runs from the 1/2″ tap in the bleed orifice on the 6 PCR outlet to the BZR or the OAR. Air pressure required at the inlet of the 6 PCR must be 9.13 mbar higher than the POP maximum pressure differential times 2.5.


If the POP pressure differential is 25 mbar [(25 x 2.5) + 13 = 75.5 mbar] is the air pressure required at the 6 PCR inlet.

Available in the size shown only (i.e. 6 PCR). Return to factory for adjustment or repair. Mount only in a stem-up position, in a horizontal line. Any other mounting position will cause malfunction. The arrow cast on the side of the valve body indicates direction flow. Only install regulators in areas where operating temperatures won’t exceed the maximum operating value.



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