High blast mixers


Product Details

  • External construction: cast iron G25
  • Internal pipe and orifices: AISI304
  • High pressure air adjuster
  • Inspirated air adjuster
  • Required air pressures: 1.4 to 8.4 bar
  • Minimum gas pressures: coke-oven gas (13 mbar), natural gas (7.6 mbar), LPG (2.5 mbar)
  • Use of small amounts of high pressure air (10% of the amount necessary for the combustion)


High Blast mixers are compact air-gas mixers used in installations where high pressure air is available. Air is passed through a primary modified venturi which inspirates an equal amount of gas and elevates its pressure. The suction effect allows for the use of low capacity compressors because about 90% of the air required for the combustion is inspirated from outside.



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