KS23 V6 – Controller for G161 in Laboratories

Gas Proving

The Duomo Trio LabStart (KS23 V6) is a touch-pad control panel that securely isolates and safely re-establishes the gas supply to any area which relies on manual isolation of gas outlets. Used in schools, colleges and scientific research laboratories throughout Europe, the Trio LabStart protects personnel and property from damage caused by gas leaks.

Product Details

  • Supply voltage: 230 V ±15%
  • Max out current (all relays): 3 A
  • Out contact operations: > 100 x 10P
  • External limit contact: > 3A @ 250Vac
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 °C
  • Dimension: 200x110x60 mm
  • Protection class (EN69): IP66
  • Maximum operating pressure: 50 mbar
  • *NOTE* This keypad is designed to work with the G161 only

Product Description

If the supply is reinstated with gas taps open an undetected gas leak will occur. The Trio LabStart prevents this by checking the integrity of the downstream pipe work before allowing the main gas valve to be opened. It also checks that the mechanical ventilation system is turned on before allowing gas to flow to kitchen appliances making it BS6173:2001 compliant. This unique keypad operated control panel ensures that only authorised personnel are able to initiate the gas supply as only they will know the access code.



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