Metallic burners

Industrial Burners

Product Details

  • Mixer body: cast iron G25
  • Gas inlet block: cast iron G25
  • Flame tube: AISI310
  • Nozzle: AISI303
  • Optional refractory block max temp.: 1,750°C
  • Low air and gas pressures required: 40 mbar
  • Adequate to different types of gas: CH4/LPG/propane/etc.
  • Excellent flame stability with: excess air excess fuel on ratio firing
  • Low NOx level
  • Wide turndown range
  • Easily replaced electrodes

Metallic burners, model 16MB, are nozzle mix burners. Gas and air are mixed only at the point of discharge, thus flashback is prevented. This allows for adjustments on stoichiometric ratio and excess air. Maximum ratings are obtained with 40 mbar air pressure. Low pressure air blowers are required. 16MB burners are meant to operate on textile dying machines, therefore pre-mounted complete gas line is supplied. A supply air piping may be supplied on request for one or more burners. The dimensions listed below refer to a particular application on machines Reggiani and are just indicative. For any enquiry about operation of the burner please contact our technical office.



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