Motorized adjustable port valves

Industrial Combustion

Product Details

  • Valve body (series 4/6/8 VL): AVP
  • Valve body (series 10/12/16/20/24/32 VL): aluminium
  • Primary regulation screw: brass
  • Secondary regulation shaft: AISI303
  • Electric control support: iron
  • Push rod: brass
  • Max. operating pressure: 500 mbar
  • Max fluid temperature: +60°C


The VL-2R-CMAP is a particular kind of modulating valve with micrometric adjustable port. It’s designed for air and gas flow regulation in low & medium pressure lines. The flow can be adjusted by operating on the primary regulation shaft with electric control equipment (ECON-O series). A graduated index on the valve body identifies the OPEN/CLOSED position. The port of the valve can be adjusted by the secondary regulation screw. In this way a more accurate flow regulation is possible. Calibration of the cams & auxiliary end switches has to be made after installation and is important to verify on-site.



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