Orifice flow meters with chambers measuring rings

Industrial Combustion

Product Details

  • NI PN6 flanges: iron
  • Chamber measuring rings: iron
  • Disc: AISI304
  • Max. operating temperature: 400°C
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Gasket AFM 20
  • According to European standard: EN ISO 5167-1


The POP-U-S flanges are direct reading precision flow meters characterised by a primary element, a diaphragm, and by a secondary element, usually an MAG manometer differential, (Bulletin E5275) or by an ESA PT-1 transmitter (Bulletin E7010). The POP-U-S calibrated flanges have welding connections (from DN20 to DN 450) directly in pipes and the pressure taps are located in the flanges with “O” ring chamber.



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