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The metallic burners of the EP series are nozzle-mix burners and are usually used in processes with temperatures up to 800°C. The comburent air is supplied by an air blower mounted onto a structure which is one thing with the burner; an adequately connected electrically controlled butterfly valve and a zero governor, allow the air/gas flow regulation. Gas and air are mixed only at the nozzle to prevent dangerous flashback. The solidity, the fact that it is completely made of metal yet it is light and small, guarantee an easy and safe installation.


Product Details

  • Mixer body: cast iron G25
  • Gas inlet block: cast iron G25
  • Flame tube: AISI304
  • Combustion head: AISI310
  • Mounting flange: iron
  • Max. pressure in combustion chamber: 800°C
  • Max. pressure in combustion chamber -0.2‚â§0‚â§+0.2 mbar
  • Capacities available: 145kW & 230 kW
  • Min. gas pressure at burner: 25 mbar
  • Max. gas pressure at burner: 140 mbar
  • Adequate to different types of gases: CH4/LPG/propane/etc.
  • Excellent flame stability excess air, excess gas stoichiometric combustion
  • Low NOX, CO and aldehyde levels


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