SG500 – Methane or LPG Gas Sensor

Gas Detection

When the SG500 senses the presence of gas it sends a 4-20mA signal to the detector proportional to the level of gas. The detector then operates a pre-alarm relay - used for remote sirens or visual indicators. If the level of gas continues to rise then the main alarm relay is activated to break the electrical supply to a safety shut off valve and is fixed at 20% LEL of natural gas.

Product Details

  • Detects either Natural Gas or LPG
  • 4-20mA signal
  • Nemoto catalytic sensor technology
  • Low cost
  • Sensor active indicator
  • IP30 enclosure
  • Compatible with BX150, BX444M, GS300M, GS300Mc GS100M and BX316
  • Comes with 2 year warranty (applicable for a 12 month extension)

The SG500 Methane sensor (LPG available on request) uses industry standard 4-20mA output and is compatible with the complete range of Duomo Conventional Gas Detectors.



Onsite Diagnostics

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We recommend Duomo Gas Detection products are serviced at least annually to ensure efficacy and extend sensor life. Our qualified team of engineers are available Nationwide.


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