SGM595 – Methane or LPG Gas Sensor

Gas Detection

This gas sensor is one of Duomo's best-selling Gas Sensors. The sensor can function with Natural Gas or LPG. The sensor is compatible with the complete range of Duomo conventional gas controllers.

Product Details

  • Microprocessor control
  • 4-20mA output signal
  • Auto calibration
  • Sintered head
  • Catalytic sensor technology
  • Sensor active indicator
  • Compatible with GS100M, GS300M, GS300Mc, BX444Mc, BX150 & BX316
  • IP55 enclosure
  • Designed to EN50194
  • 2 year Warranty - extendable to 3 years by registering this product on-line

SGM595 Sensor

The gas industry recognise Duomo for providing a comprehensive range of low cost, high reliability gas detection for many applications. For example, we have installed and commissioned natural gas and carbon monoxide sensors in applications such as:

  • Boiler rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Car parks
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Factories
  • Shopping centres

The SGM595 is the gas sensor used with the complete range of Duomo detector panels. We manufacture all Duomo products to meet relevant European standards and proposals for explosive and toxic gases.
The SGM595 is an easy to install product. It sends signals back to the Duomo gas detector panel (please see below) that powers it. Then, the Gas Sensor interprets the signal and can sound alarms whilst turning off gas supplies to the protected area. As a result, a gas cannot escape into the atmosphere.

Because of its automatic drift compensation feature, the SGM595 is now one of our most popular gas sensors. To ensure efficacy and extend sensor life, Duomo recommend servicing at a minimum of every 12 months.

This sensor is compatible with GS100M, GS300M, GS300Mc, BX444Mc, BX150 & BX316.



Onsite Diagnostics

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We recommend Duomo Gas Detection products are serviced at least annually to ensure efficacy and extend sensor life. Our qualified team of engineers are available Nationwide.


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