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Gas Leak Tester Instrument – ST200PT

The ST200PT is an electronic pressure gauge that can be used both for system leak tests and for static, dynamic and differential pressure measurements, with indication of minimum and maximum value measured.



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The ST200PT Gas Leak Tester is widely regarded as an innovative instrument for leak testing on pipelines due to its high level of automation. It offers precise and repeatable performance, making it an indispensable tool for everyday work. The instrument utilizes advanced electronic technology to ensure accurate results and ease of use.

One of the standout features of the ST200PT is its internal flash memory, which allows for the storage of technician names and customer databases. This feature enables the association of tests with specific customers and the technicians conducting the tests, enhancing traceability and accountability for each performance.

The ST200PT Gas Leak Tester comes with a robust and watertight IP67 suitcase that includes all the necessary connections to connect to pipes. Additionally, the ST200PT/S model includes an IR infrared printer that enables the printing of test results. Data transmission options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (optional), and USB output type C. It is also possible to store tests on a microSD memory card (not included).

ST200PT Gas Leak Tester

The instrument features a data logger function, a touch colour graphic display, and a rechargeable lithium battery, further enhancing its capabilities and usability. The ST200PT performs gas plant leak tests in a completely automatic manner – simply turn it on, select the desired test, and wait for the result.


Product Details

  • Pressure gauge function for measuring static and dynamic pressure with measured minimum and maximum indications
  • Real-time measurement graphic
  • Datalogger function
  • Automatic Volume measure
  • Automatic autozero
  • Possibility of conversion in the different units of measurement
  • Measuring of differential pressure
  • Measuring of room humidity by probe (optional)
  • Internal calendar and clock
  • Free programming of all parameters by operator
  • Displaying of testing time
  • Temperature compensation
  • Storing of reports which can be personalized with user’s data


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  • ST200PT Datasheet

    2.77 MB | pdf


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