TRK Ignition Transformer – Cofi Ignitions

Industrial Combustion

  • Model Specific Features

    £18.15 per unit

    50/60Hz 1x15kV 20mA ed100%

  • Model Specific Features

    £18.03 per unit

    0.5A 50/60Hz 1x15kV 26mA ed33% 3min

  • Model Specific Features

    £18.03 per unit

    0.5A 1x15kV 40mA ed33% 3min

Available Sizes/Options

  • TRK 1-20P
  • TRK 2P - 110V
  • TRK 2P - 230V

These TRK Cofi Ignition Transformers are produced with the electronic technology of high-frequency oscillation applied to a vacuum impregnated step-up coil. The features of this transformer make it suitable for gas and oil burners where continuous power and size and weight that is less than conventional inductive transformers are required.

Product Details

  • Supply voltage - 220 - 240V (50 - 60Hz)
  • Primary current - 0.07A (50Hz)
  • Power - 50 - 60VA
  • Secondary voltage - 2 x 12kV insulated
  • Secondary current - 17mA
  • Secondary peak voltage - 18kV
  • Weight - 0.32Kg

Genuine TRK Cofi Ignition Transformers from Duomo (UK)

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