Wand direct spark electrodes

Industrial Combustion

Product Details

  • Outer tubing: AISI 304
  • Ceramic insulator: alumina
  • Rod: Piromax
  • Sealant: silicon paste
  • Length ("B"): max. 1,200 mm
  • H.T. cable connection: raial terminal
  • Threading: 1/4"
  • Voltage: 5 - 9,000 V

“Wands” are direct spark ignition devices combining central spark rod, insulator and ground wire into a single, small diameter device. Ignition occurs between a central rod and the outer tubing; insulation between the electrode and the outer tubing is done through a one piece ceramic insulator in aluminium fixed to the outer tubing with a special heat resistant silicone paste. This allows for a very small-sized electrode. “Wands” may be used for detection, too. Connection to burner is through threaded connection in the desired position for compression of a threaded locking ring.



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