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Where to Install CO2 Monitors: Dos and Don’ts

Installing co2 monitors

by | Jan 8, 2024

Ensuring indoor air quality is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment. One key aspect of indoor air quality management is monitoring CO2 concentration. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors play a crucial role in measuring CO2 levels in closed spaces, allowing us to make informed decisions about ventilation and air circulation. However, it is important to know where to install CO2 Monitors to obtain accurate readings and optimal results. In this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of CO2 monitor installation.


1. Place sensors strategically: When installing CO2 monitors, it is important to consider their placement. Ideally, sensors should be installed at human height, as CO2 concentration tends to be homogeneous at this level. Place sensors in areas where occupants spend the most time, such as common areas, workstations, classrooms, or meeting rooms.

2. Ensure proper airflow: Install CO2 sensors away from any factors that may affect airflow or ventilation. Avoid placing them near doors or windows, as these areas can have different CO2 concentrations due to air movement. Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from workstations or any other potential obstacle that could obstruct airflow around the sensor.

3. Consider room size: For small rooms (up to 50m2), one sensor is generally sufficient. However, in larger spaces, it is advisable to perform punctual measurements to assess CO2 homogeneity in different areas. Based on the results, you can determine the optimal number of sensors required to obtain accurate readings throughout the entire room.

4. Calibration: Most CO2 sensors require calibration to ensure accurate measurements. Calibration is usually done by placing the sensor outside, where the CO2 concentration is stable (around 400ppm). Follow the calibration procedure provided by the manufacturer for best results.


1. Avoid obstructed areas: Do not install CO2 sensors in areas that may obstruct airflow or interfere with accurate readings. Avoid mounting them behind doors, in corners, near heat sources, direct sunlight, or steam sources. Also, keep them away from garbage bins, gas ovens, or areas prone to moisture and humidity.

2. Do not install near ventilation outlets: Placing CO2 sensors near ventilation outlets or air supply diffusers can lead to inaccurate measurements. The sensors may pick up artificially low CO2 levels due to the fresh air being supplied in those areas. Install sensors away from these outlets to get a more representative CO2 reading.

3. Avoid extreme temperature zones: Extreme temperatures can impact the accuracy of CO2 sensors. Avoid installing them near sources of extreme heat or cold, such as radiators, heaters, air conditioning units, or drafty areas. Extreme temperatures can affect the functionality of the sensors and may lead to inaccurate readings.

4. Don’t rely on a single sensor: It is important not to rely on a single CO2 sensor for an entire building or large premises. Different areas within a space may have variations in CO2 concentration due to factors like ventilation, occupancy, or partitions. Installing multiple sensors, especially in larger spaces, provides a more accurate representation of CO2 levels throughout the area.

Monitoring CO2 concentration is crucial for maintaining indoor air quality. By following these dos and don’ts of CO2 monitor installation, you can ensure accurate readings and make informed decisions regarding ventilation and air quality management. Remember to place the sensors strategically, consider room size, calibrate regularly, and avoid obstructed areas or extreme temperature zones. With proper installation and monitoring, you can achieve optimal indoor air quality and create a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants.

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