Flowguard Advanced Pressure Transmitter

  • Model Specific Features

    Uni or Bidirectional, analogue out, Modbus, Optional: Auto Zero
    CPS Ready
    Single mode
    Optional: Alarm relay

Available Sizes/Options

  • 6280

The FlowGuard 6280 sensor is an advanced pressure transmitter for connection to a CPS 6000 panel.

Product Details

  • Easy to install & Configure
  • LED Display for setup: Optional Visible display
  • Field selectable output
  • Single Mode
  • Volt and mA output
  • ModBus & CPS ready
  • Optional Alarm Relay
  • Optional Auto calibration
  • Uni or Bidirectional

Designed with the user and installer in mind. The Flowguard offers flexibility and eliminates many of the problems that traditional sensors suffer from. Display and push buttons simplify settings and installation.

FlowGuard Key Features

All Pressure sensors can be ordered as either Uni or Bidirectional. Unidirectional sensors can measure on one side of zero (-250Pa to 0) Or (0 to +250Pa). Bidirectional sensors can measure on both sides of zero (-250 to +250Pa).

Modbus communication and analogue output is also available with all models in the FlowGuard series. Optional features include alarm relays and auto zero to ensure high accuracy. Auto zero is useful for hard to reach sensor locations, or for very low pressure configurations.

Single mode allows either positive OR negative pressure. Dual mode allows two alarms for positive AND negative pressure (4 alarms). This is helpful when working in environments which need pressure to be changed dependant on patients.

The units have field selectable features and outputs (0-10, 0-5, 2-10). Different predefined measuring ranges (5, 10, …. depending on selected models) are available.

New products to be announced will allow room volume to be inputted. Flow velocity and Air changes per hour (ACPH) will then be able to be calculated.





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