ADP10 – Air Pressure Switch (IP54)

Gas Proving

To comply with current British Standards it is a requirement to prove that mechanical ventilation systems are operating in commercial catering establishments.

The ADP10 air pressure switch is used to monitor positive, negative or differential air or flue gas pressure. Kit includes tubing and pitot connections.

Product Details

  • Adjusting range: 20 – 330 Pa
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 5000 Pa
  • Switching hysteresis: 8 – 18 Pa
  • Compliant with 73/23/EEC
  • IP54 rating

The ADP10 Pressure switch for air for monitoring positive, negative or differential air or flue gas pressure. When combined with a Duomo interlock system, can be used to prove that adequate ventilation is in place before initiating the gas supply to a kitchen or laboratory.

Works by switching over a relay contact when a difference in pressure is present. The pressure at which switching occurs can be set by altering a dial on the face of the ADP10.



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