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Exhaust Gas Analyser – Autoflame

For decades, boilerhouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial environments have used EGA’s (Exhaust Gas Analyser) to monitor flue emissions to comply with environmental regulations & to reduce fuel usage & emissions. The EGA EVO can operate as a standalone independent continuous monitor, or it can feed back its readings to an Autoflame MM Boiler Controller, allowing the MM to adjust the fuel/air ratio (trim) of the burner for optimised performance.



Mk8 EGA EPA Conformance

Meets all requirements set by US Environmental Protection Agency
Includes all the benefits of the Standard Mk8 EGA (CEMS Software, monitors up to 6 gases, touch screen) plus:

  • Additional back box enabling ability to self-calibrate sensors every 24 hours
  • 4 Connectors added to the bottom of the EGA., so that 4 different span gas bottles can be added for self-calibration purposes
  • Heated Sample Line to maintain Exhaust Gas temperature during sampling
  • Quick connect H.S.L. fitting on the top of the EGA

The US Environmental Protection Agency have certain requirements for monitoring boiler flue emissions. The Mk8 EGA EPA Conformance model has been specifically designed to conform to these requirements.

Enables automated cell calibrations on bottled calibration gas (4 bottles). Self-calibration process occurs once every 24 hours. During this process, the cells are each recalibrated using a zero value, and a span value. The following configuration options are available:

  • User-defined span gas configuration
  • Customisable timings for sample and purge of each span gas
  • E.G.A. can perform up to two automated cell calibrations per day. User configurable to sample to certain times of day (e.g., 9am & 9pm) or after a prescribed interval of hours.
  • Ranging of 4-20mA signal from fuel flow meter to maximise accuracy

Additionally, the EPA EGA has the following information:

  • Graph indicating remaining life and accuracy of each cell
  • On-screen indication of self-calibration stage and which bottle is used
  • Logging of cell calibration, readings, and drift over time
  • Calibration drift measured over the space of 5 calibrations. If excessive calibration drift is measured, the last valid calibration data is used

Heated Sample Line (HSL)
Heated Sample Line ensures sample gas is not diluted by water (condensate). The HSL maintains the exhaust gas temperature until the gases enter the E.G.A.

HSL temperature can be controlled to user-defined setting. The temperature is monitored to provide warning when not at the prescribed setting

The HSL operates by using a PI loop to maintain the set temperature


Product Details

  • Simultaneous & continuous sampling of up to 6 exhaust gases (O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2 & SO2) at a fraction of the price of alternative systems. Use with Autoflame MM Controller or Standalone Mode.
  • Enables 3 parameter trim control in MM Controller for improved fuel efficiency and emission reduction. With built-in CEMS Auditing software, view reports by user-definable time periods (24 hours, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 years, etc.) based on:
  • Total weight & volumetric emissions
  • Weight/volumetric emissions per exhaust
  • Total cost of fuel


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