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How often should gas detection be calibrated?

Gas Detection Calibration Engineer

by | Nov 21, 2022

What are gas detectors and why do you need to calibrate them?

Gas detection systems can also be referred to as controllers, detectors or monitors. They can be stand alone (single device with sensor inbuilt) or have a controller with separate connected sensors. Gas monitors and sensors permanently check gas levels. Outputs can then sound alarms and switch off gas valves before a dangerous gas build up occurs. All Duomo (UK) gas detectors have a fail safe alarm which turns gas supply off should any sensor stop functioning correctly.

Here at Duomo we recommend that gas detection calibration is carried out at least every three to six months to ensure optimum performance and reliability.  Depending on the type of gas detector and environment calibration may need to be carried out every few months or every year so be sure to check.

Calibration and testing is necessary to keep equipment in full working order. Without regular calibration sensor accuracy will change over time (sensor drift) or sensors could even fail leaving areas or personnel without suitable protection.

What does a gas detection calibration involve?

Basically, gas detection calibration uses a known concentration of test gas. Test gas is applied to sensors and readings are adjusted automatically or manually to match by the operator. Each individual sensor is tested in turn and all outputs are recorded and function checked. This process is repeated with different concentrations of gas if there are further alarm level setpoints.

The gas detection system can be fully checked, ensuring detector outputs result in the required action. Turning off a gas valve for example.

A professional gas detection calibration will result in a calibration report completed by the service engineer. This advises on the next calibration date for equipment and gives the owner and personnel assurance that equipment is working correctly.

What is bump test and how is it different from a calibration?

Put simply a bump test is a quick function check to ensure monitors, sensors and connected outputs are working correctly. A concentration of gas is applied to the sensors over a specific alarm level to simulate a build up of gas. The correct operation and reaction times of all outputs are recorded, for example beacons, sounders and gas valves.

The test can then be repeated if there are multiple alarm levels with different gas concentrations.

A bump test does not involve altering the calibration of any of the equipment. It simply ensures the equipment is in working order and functions as expected. A bump test can be carried out by a calibration engineer or suitably trained individuals. Training sessions are provided by Duomo (UK) as well as bump testing equipment.

Who can carry out gas detector calibration?

Gas detection calibration should be carried out by a professional service engineer. Where possible the original manufacturer is recommended to ensure that the engineer understands the equipment and can provide correct replacements required.

The advantages of getting a professional to carry out a calibration are:

  • A full calibration certificate.
  • Controllers or sensors can usually be replaced and installed as part of the service if required.
  • Quality and traceability of concentration gas and equipment.
  • Peace of mind the the work has been carried out by a competent and qualified individual.

Is calibration the same as an annual service?

Pre agreed annual or bi-annual service visits from Duomo (UK) includes full calibration by a qualified engineer.

How Duomo (UK) can help

Calibrated products such as sensors are affected by the local environment and in order to continue to perform correctly, need regular servicing. We offer servicing for all our gas detection products and are able to maintain continuity of performance by replacing any equipment necessary at time of service. All Duomo gas sensors have a ‘days active counter’ which advices anticipated life of the sensor.

Duomo also provide training for any engineers wishing to fully understand the systems you have, gas detection and related legislation. Our specialist Gas detection and proving training covers the use of Duomo products; Gas Safety Industry Standards and Gas Safety Awareness Training for a range of applications.

Duomo are here to help with all your gas monitor service and calibration needs. Our team consists of expert technicians across many engineering disciplines and provides a leading service across the UK.

If you have any questions about gas detector servicing or training, contact one of our experts today on 01905 797989 or use our contact form.

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