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High blast torches are equipped with nozzle and venturi mixer. They use a small amount of high pressure air to pick up incoming gas at the mixer. Ten percent of the total air required is passed through a primary modified venturi which inspirates the gas flow and elevates its pressure. The suction effect allows for the use of low capacity injectors because 90% of the air required is inspirated from outside. The high pressure air valve and primary air shutter provide for wide ranges of adjustment. Injector type design of high pressure stage, prevents air feed back into the gas line.


Product Details

  • External construction: cast iron G25
  • Internal pipe and orifices: AISI304
  • Standard nozzle: cast iron G25
  • Heat capacity: from 12 to 850 kW
  • Adequate to different types of gas: CH4/LPG/propane/etc.
  • Air pressure required: from 1.4 bar to 8.4 bar
  • Minimum gas pressure: Coke-oven gas (13 mbar), natural gas (7.6 mbar), LPG (2.5 mbar)
  • Incorporated compressed air adjuster
  • Low pressured air consumption: 10% of the quantity required for combustion


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