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Aranet4 HOME vs Aranet4 PRO, What’s The Difference?

by | May 27, 2022

The Aranet4 Range

No matter what your needs are, there is a CO2 monitor out there that is perfect for you. By monitoring the CO2 levels in your indoor spaces, you can help to improve the air quality and ensure a healthy environment for yourself and others.

The use of CO2 monitoring devices like the Aranet4 have become increasingly popular as people are starting to take air quality quite seriously. Since the covid-19 pandemic there has been a surge in looking for ways to reduce the spread of viruses and create healthier environments.

We’re often asked by customers what the difference is between the Aranet4 Home and Aranet4 PRO and which one they should get, that’s why we’ve decided to take this opportunity to highlight the differences between them and help you decide which one suits your needs best.

What do the Aranet4 sensors do?

The Aranet4 sensor is a battery powered, wireless Bluetooth device that monitors CO2 levels.

With a clear, easily visible e-ink display and a straightforward traffic light system that indicates when CO2 levels have become unhealthy, the monitors are easy to use and allow you to react quickly to improve the air quality when needed.

Aranet4 HOME

The Aranet4 HOME is simple to install and comes with a smartphone app. You can set up and alter settings to suit your needs using the app.

This all in one CO2, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor solution is discrete and portable.

With Aranet4 HOME you can:

  • Understand if you have proper ventilation in your home or small space
  • Wireless connectivity via Aranet4 smartphone app letting you see live CO2, temp and humidity levels over time, change setpoints all from your mobile
  • Be notified when you need to open a window to let the fresh air in
  • Take it with you everywhere you go to ensure that you are always spending time in a healthier environment

Take a look at our set up video to see just how easy it is to get started:


The Aranet4 HOME is the best choice for a single, private user in standalone mode in a home or small office environment where you are happy to monitor levels using a smart app.

Aranet4 PRO

If you plan on using more than one Aranet4 sensor then the Aranet4 PRO is probably more suited to your needs.

Up to 100 Aranet4 devices can be added to a networked solution in a single wireless network via the Aranet PRO Base Station.

The Aranet4 PRO version of the sensor is compatible with Aranet Cloud.  This service is an industrial grade solution for IoT ecosystems’ remote management and allows you to personalise your data with custom dashboards, graphs and user management.

Aranet4 PRO offers many benefits:

  • Networked solution – up to 100 Aranet4 devices in a single long-range wireless network via the Aranet PRO base station
  • Centralised data monitoring for a complete overview of the situation
  • Possible upgrade to Aranet Cloud – network virtually limitless number of Aranet4 devices from different locations with advanced analytics, visualisations and much more
  • Integrate into existing solutions – make the Aranet ecosystem part of your own solution or just automate data export to your own databases
  • Access to professional technical support

So which Aranet4 CO2 sensor is best?

If you are looking for a CO2 monitor for a single room or space in a home or small office that’s easy to set up and use then the Aranet4 HOME is probably the best option for you.  This option costs £169 (ex VAT) and can be bought online.

If you require air quality monitoring for more than one location or room perhaps in an office, business or school environment then the Aranet4 PRO is probably the best bet.  This option costs £199 (ex VAT) per unit and is available to buy online on our website. In order to take advantage of the networked solution then an Aranet4 PRO Base Station will be required (sold separately). This means you will be able to monitor things from one dashboard.

Aranet4 accessories

There are a range of Aranet4 accessories. To avoid theft, there are anti-theft wall mounts available for both the Aranet4 HOME & PRO. They are £8 each and available to purchase online.

The Aranet4 PRO Base Station is a network monitoring solution for use with up to 100 Aranet4 PRO Sensors and is available in three versions (Aranet PRO 12, 50 or 100) depending on the number of sensors required. Wireless sensors can be deployed within the line-of-sight range up to 1.9 miles (3km). The base station comes with free software with an intuitive user friendly interface. Prices start from £408.99 (ex VAT) and can be purchased on our site.

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