Low NOx air-gas-oxygen fuel oxygen burners

Industrial Burners

Product Details

  • Capacity: from 700 to 4,400 kW
  • Burner air pressure: 50 mbar
  • Gas pressure to burner: 50 mbar min.
  • O2 pressure to burner: 200 mbar min.
  • Double combustion mode: Flame with UV detection; flameless for ultra low NOx emission
  • Low NOx & CO content with air/fuel functioning
  • NOx content O2 purity function (min. 90%), process temperature & stoichiometric ratio regulation
  • Flow ratio: 5:1
  • Maximum use temperature: 1,600°C


The AGO-NxT series identifies a family of lateral long flame combustion air, oxygen and fuel burners. According to the size and conditions of use, the AGO-NxT burners guarantee a substantial decrease in pollutant emissions (CO & NOx) and lower consumption compared with traditional burners and at the same time offer considerable advantages in terms of heat process flexibility.



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