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MB-ZRDLE – 405-420 B01 Dungs

The DUNGS GasMultiBloc integrates filter, regulator, valves and pressure switches in one compact fitting.

from £534.14

from £534.14

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Price: £534.14

The MB-ZRDLE – 405-420 B01 Dungs modular system permits individual solutions by using external ignition gas tap in connection with separately controlled valves, by adding a valve proving system, mini/maxi pressure switches, pressure limiters, limit switch at valve V2.

MB-ZRDLE Application

The modular system permits individual
solutions in gas safety and regulator engineering. Suitable for gases of families 1, 2,
3 and other neutral gaseous media.


EU type testing certificate as per:
• EU-Gas Appliances Regulation
• EU-Pressure Equipment Directive
Approvals in other important gas consuming countries.


Product Details

  • Dirt trap: microfilter
  • One regulator and two main valves: B01
  • One one-stage valve and one two-stage valve
  • One valve is fast opening, one valve is slow or fast opening
  • Solenoid valves up to 360 mbar (36 kPa) as per DIN EN 161 Class A Group 2
  • Sensitive setting of output pressure by proportional regulator as per DIN EN 88 Class A Group 2
  • High flow rates with low pressure drop
  • DC solenoid drive interference degree N
  • Main volume restrictor and partial volume restrictor at valve V2
  • Hydraulic opening delay
  • Flange connections with pipe threads as per ISO 7/1
  • Simple mounting, compact, light-weight


Onsite Diagnostics

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  • MB-ZRDLE 405-412 Datasheet

    635.53 KB | pdf

  • MB-ZRDLE 415-420 Datasheet

    689.55 KB | pdf


Support & Service

If you require technical assistance or an annual service on this product please contact us and we will be happy to help. Our qualified team of engineers are available Nationwide.

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