Red-eye gas burners

Industrial Burners

Product Details

  • Mixer body: cast iron G25
  • Plate: cast iron G25
  • Gas tube: AISI304
  • Pre-heated air: up to 450 °C
  • Suitable for different types of gas: CH4/LPG/propane/etc.
  • Standard refractory block, max. temp.: 1,750 °C
  • Capacity range: 16 to 1,500 kW
  • Excellent flame stability: excess air excess fuel on ratio firing
  • Low NOx level


Red-eye gas burners are nozzle-mixing units with a high velocity, spinning, air flow. The swirling air stream produces an anticlockwise vortex inside the refractory block. Gas enters the vortex, mixing rapidly, producing intense combustion. The shape of the burner block port works with the vortex to create a ball-shaped flame to the furnace wall at firing rates and mixtures. Maximum furnace temperatures are obtained at high-fire with stoichiometric air and gas flows. Excess air operation allows for quite cold flame temperatures without changing the volumes of the fuel gas.



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