Gas oil burners

Industrial Burners

Product Details

  • Mixer body: cast iron G25
  • Plate: iron
  • Pre-heated air: up to 450°C
  • Max capacity: 50 - 100 kW
  • Air pressure at burner: 45 mbar
  • Atomisation air pressure: 200 - 300 mbar
  • Adequate to different types of light oils: viscosity up to 3°E
  • Oil operating turn-down range: 6:1
  • Excellent flame stability with excess air excess fuel on ratio firing
  • Patented atomisation
  • Low NOx level


The 12XDF gas oil burners are nozzle mixing units designed for on ratio or large excess of air firing. The unique stepped tunnel design produces excellent flame stability at all firing rates.



Onsite Diagnostics

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We recommend Duomo Gas Detection products are serviced at least annually to ensure efficacy and extend sensor life. Our qualified team of engineers are available Nationwide.


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