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Remote Display Monitor – Extra Repeater for Cellair

Remote Display Unit for CellAir. Up to 3 RDUs can be connected to a CellAir if required.




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Price for all: £400.61

Additional Remote Display Unit for the CellAir

For more information on the CellAir along with its benefits check out our article Safeguarding the Pub Experience with CO2 monitoring.


Product Details

  • Plug in installation - No installation costs!
  • Up to 3 remote display units (RDUs)
  • LCD display indicates ambient
  • CO2 concentration and temperature
  • IP54 water proof protection


Onsite Diagnostics

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  • Remote Display Monitor – Extra Repeater for Cellair

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Do I need this if I purchase a CellAir?

The RDU allows you to get remote monitoring of the CellAir Monitor. The CellAir comes with an single RDU unit as standard. This product is for purchasing additional RDU’s to connect to the CellAir monitor.

Where should I install the RDU?

The RDU (Remote Display Unit) should be placed outside the room which is being monitored. This unit is connected to the CellAir by the communication cable provided.

It should be placed where it can be conveniently seen before entering the room where the CellAir is located. The RDU is a repeater and displays the measurements made by the CellAir on an LCD. The RDU can be placed a maximum of 24 metres (78.7 feet) away from the CellAir. The RDU also has the “DIAG” function to test the comms between the CellAir and the RDU.

Where should I install the CellAir?

Choose a suitable location to install the SEU. Fix the panel holder on the wall at the recommended height of about 0.45m (1.5 feet) from the floor and as close to the manifolds and valves as possible.

For more advice on where and how to install this unit please contact Duomo (UK) Ltd. on 01905 797989.


Support & Service

If you require technical assistance or an annual service on this product please contact us and we will be happy to help. Our qualified team of engineers are available Nationwide.

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